Basic Photography

Learn basic photography in 10 easy to follow articles!

This website will provide beginners basic photography tips and guidelines to help improve their skills. The articles try to simplify terms as much as possible and provide informative visual aid, so this is a good place to begin if you just bought your first slr!

1. Introduction to Basic Photography - A brief introduction to basic photography.

2. Understanding Exposure - Understand the factors that affect exposure.

3. Camera Metering Modes - Learn the different camera metering modes to get the best exposure.

4. Controlling Exposure - Combining the three settings that affect exposure and applying them.

5. White Balance and Color Temperature - Learning the white balance preset and how color temperatures affect the photos.

6. Camera File Formats - Understand the different file formats and their pros and cons.

7. Camera Lens Type - Understand the different types of lenses to determine which lens is right for you.

8. Focusing Basics - Learn how to focus properly by understanding the relationship of depth of field and focal length.

9. Understanding the Camera Auto-focus - Understand the various Auto-focus modes and know when to use them.

10. Composition Guidelines - Get creative! Learn the basic rules of composition. Combine or improvise yourself.

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