Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Photography Communities

Online communities are a good way to interact with fellow photographers. Here are some famous sites for your review, but don’t be tied to this list! There are a lot more out there, just explore to find the community where you think you fit best!

1.    Flickr (
Flickr is an online community which hosts pictures and videos. One of the things I like about Flickr is that they have Groups for people with similar interests. Let’s say a group for Canon users, or a group for travel photographers. Members can use the Group function to communicate with like minded peers and exchange tips via discussion forums. They can submit their photos on the groups to attract views and comments, which can be helpful in improving your photography skills.

2.    JPG Mag (
JPG is an online community where photographers from around the world can share their photos and interact with other enthusiasts. There are also regular challenges, contests, and themes you can participate in. They also do a weekly feature on noteworthy members via voting! JPG is also rich in inspiring and informative articles, just look under the Stories section.

3.    deviantART  ( and Tumblr (
Although deviantART and Tumblr are not technically online communities solely dedicated to Photography, many photographers also utilize these sites to showcase their works.

These communities are also great for building your portfolio, promoting exposure and expanding your network by meeting new people!


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