Friday, January 20, 2012

Nikon Asia Image Guide – iPhone/iPad App

Camera giant Nikon has recently released an Apple app that aims to guide and deliver information about photography on the go.

Splash screen and the home screen of the app

The Nikon Asia Image Guide is a free app that is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPod that are equipped with iOS 4.0 or later.

The app keeps you up to date with the latest news and videos about Nikon. It features photography tips, popular and inspiring images by Nikon.

Maintenance tips and news

This app also features an interactive learning tool, which allows users to adjust and play with the different camera settings right on the app itself. Thus, allowing them to have an idea of how the settings affect the photos even without a camera.

The interactive learning tool allows users to change the shutter speed, aperture, and iso.

Another sleek feature of this app is the Nikon service center/showroom finder, which allows users to find the nearest service center to their location.

Left: Service center and showroom finder
Right: Photography tips

Download the app by clicking the link below.

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