Thursday, January 26, 2012

Join Photography Workshops and Classes

If you want to have more hands on, interactive learning experience, then photography workshops and classes are suitable for you. There are some things that can only be learned by participating in workshops. For instance, professional photographers with many years of industry experience are usually the ones conducting workshops. They can provide valuable tips, critiqques and guides based on their industry experience. Let’s say you want to know the settings of a particular shot, they can advise and explain to you on the spot. More importantly, photography workshops also conduct photoshoots guided by mentors, which could be a rich learning experience. These photoshoots are also great opportunities to build your portfolio. Photography workshops also provide good opportunities to network with co- hobbyists and professionals. There are many different levels of photography workshops; just choose the one which suits you. There are workshops for beginners, and there are more specialized workshops like for nature, travel, portraiture, wedding, and so on.

Some of the organizations / institutions which provide photography workshops offered in the Philippines are as follows:

1.       Philippine Center for Creative Imaging (PCCI) –
2.       Photoworld Manila –
3.       Purpose Driven Photographer –

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